Pumpkin Spice, Fall Weddings and Everything Nice

Honestly, I came up short for a blog title…but did I pull you in by mentioning Pumpkin Spice?

Made pumpkin muffins yesterday, bought a pumpkin muffin candle today, and as of lately,
loving tones of gold and burnt orange in my wardrobe. Kinda want to watch Hocus Pocus - too soon?

Basically, I’m over here welcoming Fall with open arms and enjoying everything that comes along with it -
I hope you are too!

With this week’s blog post, I felt like displaying less text and more photos -
here you’ll find images from a beautiful, Northern Michigan wedding.


Pinterest - Less Imitation, More Inspiration

At the start of my career, I’d request a '“shot list” from my clients. I’d even provide an example for them to tailor to their liking.
With experience came effectiveness.
I found that most of those must have shots such as the first kiss as a married couple and cutting the cake, I’d naturally find myself documenting.
Over the years, my work process changed.
I went from an entire page shot list to only requesting 5 “must have” shots along with a list of groups for formals. Let me tell you, that has worked wonderfully for both clients and the photographers.
It allows people relax more, and allows us to capture real, authentic moments and emotions as they happen.

In conclusion, you heard that right, I only ask for 5 must have shots.
In the beginning, brides would send me their Pinterest boards - then, I received less and less of that because my clients hired me to see my work, not others.

What tends to work best is sending a few example photos you love along with what you like best about that image: ie. the lighting, the pose, the angle

I will tell you what I have told all clients since the beginning:
“Pinterest is great as inspiration, not imitation. Let’s make this image your own.”

Trust in the professional you hired. Be yourself. It’s that simple when it comes to getting wedding photos you love.

Below you’ll see how one must have, Pinterest inspired shot evolved into a series of photos.


5 Reasons to Consider a Second Photographer

1.) Additional/Unique Portraits - What a nice surprise when the second photographer takes a quiet moment before the ceremony to capture images like this.

2.) Hello more candid photos - Nothing sweetens the deal like having more of what people request most!


3.) Photos Taken at Different Locations - A great use of the second photographer’s time is to have them document the groom/groomsmen prior to the ceremony while the main is with the bride/bridesmaids. Additionally, photos of the decorations/reception hall and potentially guests during cocktail hour is an excellent idea too.

4.) Different angles/perspectives - We see things differently, we photograph things differently.
You’d be amazed at how two photographers approach/document the same moment/pose.

5.) Less Stress for Everyone - Worry less about the photos - that’s what you hired us for! With two photographers, we will communicate and coordinate to ensure that one of us is there for the letter exchange, yard games and so on.