Ada + Dave

Where do I even begin, to explain how wonderful Ada and Dave were to work with? 

I met Ada and Dave via through a referral - I photographed Ada's sister's wedding. While they were in town visiting, we met up in downtown Grand Rapids to go over details and scout possible photography stops for their wedding. They were so easy going and open to ideas as I bounced some suggestions based on what they told me they liked. We decided their sites would be a mix of architecture, art and nature/urban.  

[ This was their First Look - I loved capturing/witnessing their exchange from afar ] 

[ This custom topper takes the cake - no pun, ok, yes, pun intended. I thought the dinosaurs were a lot of fun and the perfect piece of flair  ] 

First Dance - photo captured by Aaron McGrane, for the assist

Ada loves sticker art and looking for stickers while out and about in places such as New York City! The couple had these custom drawings/stickers made and encouraged their guests to take one and place it somewhere

My other blog post featured a cat. Well, here is another cat! Ada gave Dave this one of a kind artwork of their cat as a wedding gift.

Ada and Dave's ceremony/reception took place at the John Ball Park Zoo's Bissell Treehouse. In the simplest term and with all due respect, they were cool. By cool, I mean awesome. I throughly enjoyed how comfortable they were with being themselves, showcasing their compassion for each other, their loved ones and the things that bring them joy in life - such as art, animals, music, nature, and time spent with family/friends. 

A special thanks to the second shooter for this event,
Aaron of