Tips for Planning a Creative Shoot

  Make your daydream become a reality

-Look up inspiration photos online, brainstorm, draw sketches, and converse with those involved with the project
-Communicate with the vendors & coordinate the schedule
-Perhaps set up meetings to discuss plans


Have plenty of food and beverages for the crew

-Consider how things may look presentation wise
-It may be a good idea to have some extra items on set that aren't included in the set
-Make sure to ask of any allergies or diet restrictions/preference
{Amy picked up cupcakes for a model on set, whose birthday was that day - hooray!}

Provide sunscreen and bug spray


Borrow & thrift find items to save on cost. 

-Go through your closet or your friends'/ sibling's ;)
-Check local thrift stores for clothing/find props to borrow
-Encourage the models to bring items
-If you must purchase items - try to be sensible and smart


Come up with a budget for your shoot

-Do your best to stick to it
-Pick up a paying gig to cover costs

Have fun with it

-There's a good chance everyone is volunteering their time for this. Be focused on capturing the images you set out to get but make sure to keep the set and experience an enjoyable one.
 -A grand thank you and trade-off could be and should be offering your models a set amount of images from the shoot (say edited 10 photos via online gallery). 

Have an electronically signed agreement

-Models should sign a release as should all vendors for everyone's protection & safety. 
(This is not me offering legal advice.) 

Know someone with rad skills? 
-Ask if you can feature their product for your shoot
-My sister makes these wrapped stones/gems

Details. Details. Details. 

We needed a pop-up bouquet shop. 
We needed a plant your own succulent station. 
Had to have a daisy floral crown.
Doreen of Classic Designs by Doreen Thomas didn't disappoint by providing locally grown flowers, succulents and helping with the staging of the items.

It takes a village

-You don't have to do it all and shouldn't try
-Have a collective team where their strengths can shine and will distribute the work so you can focus on your tasks

{ featured: our location vendor, our six models, Amy Brownridge (photographer), Jesselyn Zbytowski (photographer/creative director), HMUA: Ellie Siegert, Locally Grown Flowers/Set Design: Doreen Thomas } 

I hope you enjoyed hearing how we went about this shoot and/or these tips become helpful for those planning a shoot of their own!