Ben + Tiffany

Ben and Tiffany - also a referral! Someone I knew from Ferris State University passed my name along. The couple had planned their summer Michigan wedding all the while living in another state, which was pretty impressive.

I loved the atmosphere and feel of their lakeshore wedding. The bouquets had ferns in the mix and the bride's look was complete with a braid, beach waves and flower accents.

Ben with his Father, showing off their sweet Star Wars socks! 

The property was nestled in the woods at Michillinda Lodge inWhitehall, MI. Their ceremony took place on a balcony overlooking the water. With the afternoon so bright and the skies so blue, the water looked like a sheet of glass and seemed to go on forever with the horizion line far in the distance.

Tiffany and I were completely on the same page here - I asked if she minded sitting down for a photo and she didn't hesitate at all! 

Ben and Tiffany were incredible to work with - they truly live in the moment and have so much fun doing so.  There is this undeniable electricity and chemistry between the two of them that truly shines.