I won’t wear a dress to your wedding..

I’ll be wearing all black and clothes I can easily move in - because I’m a camera ninja & I have a job to do.

12 years ago,
I would’ve never imagined that I’d own a photography business.
However, those who know me best, would tell you, it came as no surprise to them.

Since high school, I was documenting memories - first with rad disposable cameras and then various digital cameras.

My intro photography class at Central Michigan University lead to my first
DSLR camera purchase.
Our professor was open minded and encouraging towards students.
For me - it sparked an interest for not only creating and documenting but learning more about technique and use of light.

I spent 2 years at Ferris State studying Graphic Design/Marketing followed by 2 additional years at CMU for Entrepreneurship/Art; graduating with a Bachelors in Applied Art.

Originally I wanted to own a scrapbook store - it was my Mother who told me that everything was moving to digital..and boy, was she right.
During my sales internship, I met a business owner who encouraged me to file an LLC which lead to the start of my company,
Jesselyn Zbytowski Photography, in 2012.

Since the beginning, my primary focus has been to provide unmatchable customer service, an enjoyable shooting experience and unique, high quality images.

“There are all types of love, but no two loves are the same” -
let your engagement and wedding photos be images that are true to you and like your love,
one of a kind.

Hire me and I will go above and beyond to ensure you have a timeless collection of images to share with current and future generations.

Lastly: Couples typically want to know which dinner option I’d like -
beef, chicken or vegetarian..

Cupcakes are an acceptable choice, right?

bio photos by: Aaron McGrane // www.mcgranephoto.com